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Contest winner: Anna-Lena

®claryl: How did your photograph come about? Was it a spontaneous shot or something that had been professionally planned?

A: Well, first of all I’m currently studying graphic and communication design at the Wandsbek Art and Design College in Hamburg.This means that I can’t really answer your first question about whether the photograph was spontaneous or professionally planned.
I did consider aspects such as composition and the light conditions, but it was a pretty spontaneous shot which was taken instinctively.

®claryl: Are macro shots your favorite subjects for photographs?

A: The idea of taking an extreme close-up arose during the shoot. After several attempts at drawing attention to the glass, I decided instead to photograph this ice cube, mainly because I’d never really worked with macro photography myself before.

®claryl: Why did you decide to take part in the competition?

A: I actually came across your homepage while I was searching for something online.
Then, while I was clicking on various pages on your website, I noticed the competition. I grabbed my camera, got the ice cubes ready and clicked away. I was trying to light up the top ice cube specifically to be able to create some attractive contrasts.

®claryl: What is it about photography that you enjoy so much?

A: I always connect photography with capturing memories. And there’s nothing better than recalling the good times.
I also enjoy the challenge of setting a physically stationary object in motion. This is something that can really only be achieved by way of its substance.

®claryl: Which photo will you be having framed?

A: I’d really like to have the winning photo framed for memory’s sake.

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