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Contest winner: Martina Blascik

®claryl: Was the winning picture taken during a professional photoshoot?

MB: Yes, a couple of the pictures were from a photoshoot, and the others were taken privately.

®claryl: Do you work in the fashion sector - are you a model?

MB: I'm a part-time model and take part in a few photoshoots every now and then.

®claryl: What made you enter your photo in the competition?

MB: It was actually a spur-of-the-moment decision.

®claryl: What is it about photography that you particularly enjoy?

MB: For me photography is an art form as well as a hobby. I find it fascinating how people's auras can change in pictures. Every photographer sees you differently and I particularly enjoy being in front of the camera and then seeing the great results afterwards. It's always a fresh challenge for me in terms of my creativity.

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