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Contest winner: Helga Duwendag-Strecker

®claryl: Was the winning motif a spontaneous picture and where was it taken?

HDS: My winning photo was taken for a photo book, more specifically a cookbook. I created a vegan cookbook for a family member.

®claryl: Did you do the cooking yourself and do you generally like to have an attractively laid table?

HDS: I cooked the dishes myself, presented them with the right decor and then photographed them. Table decor is always important for me, not just for a photo!

®claryl: What motivated you to send in a picture for the competition?

HDS: I often browse the internet looking for photo competitions. This is how I came across ®claryl and I thought that for the topic of "The laid table" my photo was a good one and very suitable.

®claryl: What is it that makes photography special for you?

HDS: Photography is my world anyway. I take photographs in order to capture special moments and convey them to the person viewing my pictures.

®claryl: Which picture would you like to have framed?

HDS: I would like to have a very expressive picture entitled "Slit eye" framed.

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