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Contest winner: Stefan Kranemann

®claryl: Was the winning motif a spontaneous picture?

SK: Yes, I took it on my vacation . The way the boat was lying in the harbor in the light of the setting sun made it look simply beautiful. I just had to take a picture to record this image. And with a digital camera you can also see the result straight away.

®claryl: Where was the motif captured?

SK: During my vacation in March of this year on Sicily in the small fishing port of Porto Palo on the west coast.

®claryl: The picture works above all because of its colors. Do you have a special reference point for this?

SK: I love the light of the setting sun, the colors just gleam in a particularly beautiful way. Everything looks so warm and radiant.

®claryl: What motivated you to send in a picture for the competition?

SK: I have only been taking photographs regularly with a digital camera for about 5 years and I find it a lot of fun. I discovered the closer-to-life website by chance and I just thought I'd give it a go and send in my entry. I wanted to see how my picture would get on in comparison with others. And of course I have always wanted to win something ;-)

®claryl: What is it that makes photography special for you?

SK: I can record special moments on vacation or even just at home and look at them again and again when I feel like it. As I have found, there are very many delightful motifs even just around the home. You just need to keep your eyes open and have your camera with you. Moreover, I enjoy working with the photo, seeing how you can change a picture by editing it is something I also find exciting.

®claryl: Which picture would you like to have framed?

SK: I would like to have the winning picture framed, as a reminder of a delightful evening on vacation.

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