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Contest winner: J. Vos

®claryl: Was the winning picture a spontaneous idea? Why did you pick this picture?

JV: The picture was taken in a serie of photo's of my team during the Tour for Life. I picked this picture because it has nice colors and shows some of the endurance that you were looking for: cycling in the burning sun, while the power in his body floats away.

®claryl: Where did you take this photo?

JV: During the fourth stage of the Tour for Life, which took the riders through the Jura.

®claryl: Was there a special reason for taking this photo?

JV: Like most of my photo's just to have nice pictures for my teammates.

®claryl: Why did you decide to enter the competition?

JV: I'm just beginning with photography and I was wondering wheter I could compete …

®claryl: What is it about photography that particularly appeals to you?

JV: The colors are kind of surreal, because of the backlight.

®claryl: Which picture have you decided to have framed?

JV: A picture I took during the Mini Marathon on Berlin Tempelhof. I like the rigid architecture and the contrast with the child.

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